How I Earned $300 per Month with – New Legit Working Ways of Increasing Ad views 2015


How I earn $300 per month with

You don’t have to sit for 8 to 10 hours in front of your computer to earn money. With the help of Adfly, you can still earn money even when you are sleeping. All you have to do is make an account, shorten your URLs, and post it on sites for people to click like social networking sites and blogs.But you know by doing this you can’t get enough views to earn money like above.

Now there are some crazy methods by which you can get a lot of views and when I say a lot of, I mean it.
But to know those methods you need to do something.

1. First of all you need to Register at Adfly using my Referral link
Referral Link –> Register Adfly

2. Then Register at Payoneer (These Services are used to receive money from adfly)

Link –> Register at Payoneer
You will get $25 if you sign up using this link (no kidding)

Then Send me an email with proofs that you completed the above steps at “filetrig @ gmail . com”

Then after verification I will send you my ways of Earning.

Happy earning. 🙂

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  1. pays for 3 views from one IP instead of 5, really disappointing. They even cut more if you have US views. Haven't you noticed such inaccuracies in your earnings? Bet you did! In I know how much I should and will earn though with no bots. I wouldn't like to lose my real-traffic views because of fake views. This is my last withdrawal: Good luck!

  2. Well, the basic reason for inaccuracies is that there are different payout rates for different country's visitors. You can check the CPM rates here ->
    It also depends on unique and raw visitors. Unique visitors will give you a higher payout.

    If you have US views you'll get more earnings as it has a better CPM rates. I've observed it myself.
    Now coming to is indeed a good alternative for Whether you use or It doesn't really matter a lot.
    You can compare it's payout rates ->