Darcy’s BlackBerry Tools




Backup Manager – for changing the version numbers stored in backup files. If Link sends the backup to your device this tool worked, it doesn’t guarantee that the device will restore all your data successfully.
File Extraction –
– Extract App Bar files directly from autoloader or from signed files.
– Extract user partition (apps) from autoloader or from signed files.
– Extract signed files from an autoloader, and if you just want the radio file there’s an option for that.
– Extract Radio and OS partitions (first extract the RCFS file from the Signed or autoloader, then extract from RCFS)
– Verify BAR files – This actually checks the integrity of the BAR file by comparing each file against it’s SHA hash in the Manifest.MF file.
– Extract BAR file to get the contents of a BAR file
Build Autoloader – build your own autoloader with up to the maximum of 6 signed files.
– Compare Apps in an OS, pick 2 autoloaders, or signed files, and compare the apps in them
– Calculate hashes for files, can be used to verify files are the same. To verify a file it’s usually sufficient to pick just one method and compare the result with the provided hash value.
– Check for OS updates
– Calculate eScreen codes