USB Drive is Showing Empty but it is Full [SOLVED]

USB Drive is Showing Empty

Have you ever faced a situation in which your USB Drive is showing empty but you were pretty sure that it was full? 
Well, my father faced it last night. When he tried to open his 16 GB USB Drive, it was showing empty. But he was quite certain that it contained his office documents.

So I googled this problem and found a solution for it.

Here is How to Show all the Files from USB Drive Showing Empty

1. Connect your USB Flash Drive.
2. In explorer, Go to Tools -> Folder Options -> View -> (Scroll Down) and Uncheck the option which states “Hide Protected Operating System Files (Recommend)
USB Drive is Showing Empty
3. Also click the option ‘Show Hidden Files’ and click Ok.
4. Now open your Drive, Double click the file as shown below:
USB Drive is Showing Empty
5. After opening it, you will see all your data in it.
6. Now copy all your data from here to a safe place.
7. After copying, format your USB Drive. And transfer back your data to your Drive.
8. That’s it, your USB Drive will work fine now.